Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hi! My Name is Kris - Part 4

When Wendy and I entered the Daisy House (Wendy said that was the name of the mansion) a cobweb's clammy touch stuck to my face and I just barely stifled a scream.

Wendy and I emerged in what looked like an ancient dining room. There was an inch of dust on the few furniture pieces and a beautiful chandelier hanging over the table. Upstairs was the same cobwebs and dust.

In one room I was looking through a desk full of yellowed papers and some feather ink pens, when I picked up a scrap of a letter with writing. "Wendy look what I found!" I exclaimed.

"What?" Wendy said. She came over and added "Read it."

It went like this:

Dear Cornelia,
This is it. My painting is not yet finished but my sickness is worse. The doctor said I will not live. My money goes to you. It is hidden in the (at that point water blurred the words) I am sitting at the window sill in my room while writing to you.
Your Loving Sister,

"Cool!" Wendy said. "It's like a will. Maybe we can find the money, I bet it's here."

"Let's finish exploring first." I said thoughtfully.

We moved up another floor. In one room it was bare with a single stool in the center. In another room there was a glass cabinet filled with tiny pewter animal figures. A ladder leaned on the far wall.

I was holding a (tiny) china cat when Wendy called out "Look at this Kris. Come here."

I went over. Above the ladder was a trapdoor. Wendy and I climbed up the ladder. There was a bed inside and one small window. In the corner was an old fashioned desk.

While we were searching the room I heard a low moaning. I turned around and there stood a transparent figure. A GHOST!


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