Wednesday, December 19, 2012


"Everything eventually unfolds..."
I have been happily exploring podcasts from Towards the end of a recent lunchtime practice, the podcast instructor guided me, her invisible student, through Figure Four. This pose is a challenge for me, as my hips are always tight, but I was inspired by the instructor's gentle encouragement: "Everything eventually unfolds."

As I focused on opening up in harmony with breath, I immediately latched on to a wisdom within these words.
Everything eventually unfolds.

I love the implication of the word "unfold." It suggests a moment of struggle, confusion, or discomfort. Why can't I touch my toes? Why don't I know all the "facts" about a certain situation?
Why aren't words filling this blank page in a satisfying way? Unfolding hints that these moments may eventually be followed with ease, enlightenment, or release.  Unfolding suggests patience. Not be confused with stagnant inactivity. Continue practicing. Keep stretching, seeking, writing. But don't force it.

A balled up piece of paper, carefully uncrumpling. An opening fist. The meticulous unfurling of a palm frond. Unfolding suggests measured purpose, inevitableness. Seasons ending and beginning again. Lives passing to the next stage. So many possibilities in a simple phrase.