Friday, January 20, 2017

Hi! My Name is Kris - The End?

Wendy grabbed my arm but I wasn't scared anymore. The ghost was sitting on the window seat writing. She was wearing a long white dress and her brown hair was tied in a French braid.

When she saw us she smiled and disappeared.

She left her scrap of paper on the window seat. I went over and picked it up. It was the same letter as the one I found. It was signed by Daisy!

"That was Daisy." Wendy said excitedly, taking the letter from me.

"I know, maybe if we see her again she'll show us the money."

Wendy was heading down the ladder. I crouched to follow her and Wendy gasped. I looked over her shoulder; coming towards the ladder was a heavyset man, and in his hand was a gun!

Wendy scooted back up, slamming me on the floor. I ran for the desk and crouched under it, Wendy followed.

The man lifted the trapdoor. He came in and we could see his feet coming to the desk and he started rummaging through the papers in the desk.


...And I guess that's it. I've never been very good at finishing my stories. Who was that strange man? I assume he was after the money. Do Kris and Wendy get away? Does Daisy appear again? Did anyone ever find the painting or the money??? We may never know...

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