Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Experiment

Things at work have been steadily, stealthily getting busier...and the creeping sense of the onslaught has finally materialized. What that means is that it has been harder than usual to carve out the time for writing. My writing group disbanded for the time being, throwing another wrench into the writing efforts. So I'm embarking on a (hopefully) fun experiment to keep the creative juices flowing: for the month of April, write one new sentence each day.

This is certainly not a novel idea. There are movements dedicated to asking participants to create a certain amount of words per day, etc. I once saw Jimmy Buffet on a late night talk show, and he mentioned that he produces his books by writing one page a day. It can still take an agonizing amount of time to get one page down (love my typewriter!), but I figure I should be able to stick to one sentence a day.

Stay tuned, faithful readers! I'm planning to return to the world of Laura and Wren, and build the next scene (previously tumbling around in my head) here on the blog - sentence by sentence. A Frankenstein project; carefully considering, measuring words, taking the time to stitch together that "perfect" arrangement of words.

Focus on the sentence itself...

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  1. Finding time to write is a constant struggle. The end of the day usually doesn't work out for most of us. I'm looking forward to reading your sentence each day.