Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"Breathe to the boundaries of your skin."
If we remain receptive, words alight from unexpected sources.

I just recently dipped a toe into the infinite waters known as yoga. Tested the ripples for the first time. This includes a misty, outdoor class to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, with gentle drumming and Bug Light lighthouse as the backdrop, and a Restorative class.

During this Restorative class, the instructor asked us to “Breathe to the boundaries of your skin.” Instantly my mind latched on to this phrase. Filling with breath until you start to expand, the expansion creating an awareness of the skin holding you together. 

To the edge, into the edge. To the boundary, into the boundary. Skin as a boundary - not to imply limitation, but acceptance. Acknowledgement of the miniscule, which so often goes unrecognized. 
Feel your boundary coming close to another boundary.

Just another reminder that meaningful words are all around us. Evocative language can come from any source – be it a yoga class or a walk down a busy street. 


  1. Where's your post on zumba??

  2. I love that you're blogging...and blogging about writing! I was just thinking of you and all the projects we used to do! We must catch up!

    1. Hey! Thanks Emily! Yes, I figured a blog would help light a bit more of a "write more often" fire under my bum. Congrats on all your recent writing success :) Sounds like things are going great for you - yay!

    2. I keep expecting to hear about your debut novel soon! Hope Laura is The One!